My name is Christopher Murphy and I love designing and making things.

I have a passion for creative problem solving and lifelong education.

Curiosity and a love of learning have led me to both formal and informal education in a variety of design disciplines, ranging from fine woodworking to web design to architecture. Through my experience I have gained an appreciation for the value of critical thinking and its application in finding creative solutions to complex problems.

Currently, I work as an energy modeler with Vibrantcy, an energy consulting firm based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As an energy modeler, I perform advanced energy analysis for new and existing buildings and serve as a consultant for sustainble building design.

Featured Work

Cherry Coffee Table

Z Lamp

South Boston CTC

Tierra Alegra

Zuni ARC

Rio Grande Sol Bridge

Design Process

From its inception, whether it takes the form of a web site or a piece of furniture, a project goes through an iterative design process with distinct components. At each phase, the design is tested against the project's goals, the course is adjusted, and the process is repeated until a thoughtful, high-performing solution is crafted.


I start a project with discovery: I gather project data, establish project goals, and determine performance metrics.

Concept / Strategy

During the concept / strategy phase I create a strategy for addressing the project's goals with the Big Idea.


Development involves building; the muscles and guts of the project are fleshed out upon the conceptual framework.


Refinement involves polishing all parts of the project, ensuring a complete and thoughtful user experience.

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